Software & Hardware Solutions

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Picking out a proper IT Solutions for your business site is never an easy task, though it is not impossible. We will give you hands on this mission, our experts can take you through easy steps to bring such things into action

 We have two Kinds of Solutions one is a hardware and system. The other one is a Software solutions. we list them below.

Hardware & System Solutions:

 Android POS with Our Own Mobile Topup system:

thumb scene01EShortWay Has built two Separate Systems for mobile topup purpose as well as serving the mobile operators in Iraq, we have done development and updates and we have built a good structure to serve all clients. the system has below features:




  • Instant Printing of Codes
  • All codes are securely saved in an encrypted format on the server, in case of any breaches nothing can be used and data leaks has no value for the breacher.
  • Detailed operator reports
  • System is Web based as well as App based using android native code.
  • Highly optimised and can handle huge number of transactions

Full VOIP PBX and Software for Call Centers:

We do a custom VOIP Pbx and we use latest Asterisk Distro (no user license) to implement a fully functional Call Center Solutions. Call us for more.

Car Parking Automaton Solution:

Using our Same Portable device we havedone a simple solution to automate parking, with reciept handlingand logging car entery and leave, park owners can automate all their work from on single portable device.


 Software Solutions:

  • EVD Mobile topup solutions, Software based only, hardware can be a mobile. or a printer connected to the mobile, we have done the web solution and the App solution.
  • Firewall Plugins: Pf Based firewall plugin
  • Joomla / Wordpress Plugins: custom Plugins for Joomla and Wordpress
  • ISP Billing solutions
  • VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure using a highly optimised VDI system which saves the client Money and Time to deploy his VDI system
  • B2B Marketplace Solution: we have built a custom B2B solution to bring wholesalers and reailers into one platform making wholesale a more robust and dynamic business.